AyudaPY for iOS is a mobile version for AyudaPY.org, an awesome platform for “helping people help people” created by Marcelo Elizeche Landó with the support of awesome guys in the tech area of my country.

This APP was made with SwiftUI, it has some nice and smooth animations.

The objective of this app is to show the user all the help request near him.

Users can save help requests to avoid losing the track and send supplies for them later.

I’ve focused in the FORM for registering help, I wanted that form to be fast, agile, comfortable, and I believe that I made it (I wanted it to be as similar as possible as Reflecty APP)… Currently the platform don’t have a POST service yet to use so in the meantime I’m just redirecting to the web form.

AyudaPY is available on the APP STORE.

You can also watch a DEMO of the project on Youtube.

Source code is available under GPLv3 license on GitHub.